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Pedigree Litter Photo Page 2007 New families
Welcome to the 2007 New Family Pet Photo Page ! We love to keep in touch with our puppies and enjoy watching them mature over the years, This page is for the special elwood X ROSIE pups that were born here and have now gone on to enrich the lives of their forever families . Please send in your pictures
Stella Blue

Stella Blue in her new home in NY


I Introduced Stella and Seamus right after I gave Seamus his “Grand Tour” of the yard. The two of them hit it off IMMEDIATELY and went dashing off to play silly puppy games for hours.Stella is proud and happy to have a new brother, VERY happy! This morning, we introduced Seamus to the baby…Again, the puppy was absolutely perfect. He neither jumped, nor rushed the baby, nor was he timid. Instead he walked right over calmly, gave him a pile of nice face kisses… Then “he asked” the baby to play, by lowering his torso, then rolling over and running off. Needless to say the baby chased him as requested… and they dashed off in the back to play silly puppy games for hours! Seamus has a wonderful, calm and sweet disposition; he is much like Stella in that way … they are going to be an EXTREMELY happy couple forever. I cant thank you two enough for what your accomplishing by breeding and weaning such wonderful animals. You have helped create our happy little family here on LI.

Thunder and Storm

Thunder and Storm moved to their new home in MD together


2007 litter- "Nanuk"

Their male Koda from our 2006 litter in background


Dakota in his new home in Va with Kyle and Miranda



2007 Family, Mona at One year old-
We just wanted to share with you some new photos of Addison "mona". She has truly been a phenomenal addition to our family. Her temperment is that of a dog that i never thought existed. She is AMAZING. so amazing that we just had a little baby girl in December and she has been WONDERFUL with her! I attached a photo to show you. :) I hope that when we are ready to buy another malamute we are able to purchase from you again because I believe your dogs to be the sweetest and most amazing animals I have ever had the chance to know. THANK you again for little mona. We will keep you posted with her pics and let you know how she is doing as she gets older

Bird in Maine