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The Beginning - Mister and Shyla

KalaMals is located in the stunningly beautiful scenic Blue Ridge Mountains, just south of Roanoke outside of Blacksburg Va . The Love for Alaskan Malamutes started when we bought our first in 1989. We enjoyed her so much we soon found ourselves with four more malamute pets through rescue. We were a AMAL foster home for Alaskan Malamutes for 8 years fostering , training and rehoming over 30 mals from 1990 - 1998. By 1998 we still had our four pet alaskan malamutes when we purchased our first " show " Alaskan Malamute , " Shyla " from Suzanne Bedell " Kumata's" in Ga . We finished her completly novice handled and since then showing has become a main interest . Then came Mister. When I first saw young Mister he was out and about with handlers finishing his championship. It was love at first sight for us ! I knew then and there he was the boy for my Shyla. Two years later he came to live with us as his forever home, co-owned with his breeder Audrey Thomas. In 2002 we bred our first litter , Mister X Shyla and finished five of thier kids all ownered handled.

We have finished TWENTY TWO compleatly owner handled champions, TWENTY Are home bred champions . More are pointed and on the way.

We are always looking to improve our line, I believe that a breeder should focus first on the health, structure, and temperament of a dog and for this reason, ONLY dogs that are physically healthy and mentally sound will be bred at KalaMals. We take pride in each and every litter we produce. It is unfair for me to breed carelessly--without regard for health issues--and to have the pet buyer bear the burden of a dog with a serious health problem if it could have knowingly been avoided. I will only breed a dog that I would want to have as a pet under my own roof. We love and respect this breed as they are part of our family and we want our puppies to go to people that feel the same way. Pups are born in the house where we spend a lot of time socializing and preparing them to go onto live a wonderfully healthy life with their new owners. All our Alaskan Malamutes are equally cared for and loved and this has made for a particularly happy and contented pack of Malamutes. Most of our day is devoted to our dogs in one way or another - whether it be exercise , training or just having fun with them. We give our dogs as much love, attention and care as possible. This involves running ALL our dogs every single day and a different pair in the house every night. This site contains pictures of our whole pack, news on future litters and lots of Alaskan Malamute information. As you continue your journey through our website you will get the opportunity to meet each of our special pack members. If you are interested in a puppy OR if you are interested in a young adult please feel free to contact me .

I also believe that dogs that are being bred should be evaluated by a neutral/objective third party--and that means that they should be shown and judged. Dog shows are the tool that a breeder has to have a knowledgeable third party critique her breeding stock. I will not breed just to sell puppies or just because I have a waiting list. I will only breed if I believe that the choice I made will produce a puppy that is better than what I am starting with . Not all dogs who are bred will necessarily have finished their Championship, but if not, they must have other merits/virtues to offer in order to meet the criteria for being "breeding quality" ( pedigree etc.). Not all dogs who finish their Championships will be bred. Just because a dog finishes a Championship does not necessarily mean that he/she is a benefit to a breeding program. If you are interested in a puppy from a future KalaMals breeding or a oung adults if available please visit our puppy page to view our terms and policies, as well as any possibly available placements.

Thank you for stopping by, Eric and Julie Kalamaja

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Alaskan Malamute

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